Top 6 Showbox Movies For Watching Online


ShowBox is a movie streaming service that is launched only for Android devices. Fortunately, the application is now released for other platforms as well, for example, BlackBerry, Kindle, computers, and Windows.

ShowBox is an application that will let you explore new movies, entertainment based news and tv shows, but the only condition is to know what exactly you’re looking for. People most often try to find random movies and series and end up nowhere. Perhaps, it’s always better to navigate a specific video you actually want to watch, otherwise, you’ll be lost in the app.

Now when we’re talking about movies and particular choices, why not make a list of movies that you would love to watch online. Hence, this tutorial is going to discuss top 10 movies people would love to watch online.

Top 5 movies on ShowBox


  • Transformers

We’re sure you remember the Hollywood movie series “The transformers”, they were known for their spellbound graphics and terrific stunts. Soon the next film is going to release in theaters, so till then, you can easily enjoy the transformers experience again on ShowBox.

  • The Mummy

The Mummy is a well- known Hollywood experience which cannot be ignored. People waited for the series to release as soon as possible in the theatres near them. This year, the movie may release in the month of June. ill then you can enjoy spectacular graphic and fantastic story on your mobile

  • Resident evil – The final chapter

Resident evil does not require any introduction, it’s already world famous. Well, the good news is, the new and the last series of the movie will be releasing in June 2017. Therefore people can enjoy the madness again on the big screen. Since it has been a most talked movie last year, it would be great to watch the movie again for free on ShowBox.

  • Inferno

Inferno is a sequel of The Da Vinci code and Angels and demons. Inferno is one movie that can take your heart away in seconds, you’ll definitely fall in love with the direction, acting and not to forget the actors. You can always enjoy the movie on ShowBox movie streaming application for free.   

  • Suicide squad

Suicide squad is a movie which didn’t get too much of love on the box office, but honestly, it’s quite entertaining. Unwillingly, a team of five people go for a trip to save people and unfortunately land up in a suicidal situation. The movie is filled with excitement, enjoyment, and unlimited laughter.

  • The BFG

The BGF shows a relationship between a small young kid and a big giant who is unstoppable. The movie is apt for kids who love to fall for fairytale stories. The movie was released last year and since then have received endless love from the audience. If you’re left to experience the magic on the big screen, you can easily stream the movie on from ShowBox.

Final words

Watching these movies, again and again is a flattering experience for entertainment lovers. The most fortunate situation is when you watch them on your phone without losing out on your internet allowance. What say?

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