Best Racing Games for Android this year


Be it Android, PC, Xbox or Play Station, games are part of almost everyone’s daily life. There is no better way to entertain ourselves than playing games. Among all the categories of games till date, racing genre is the most popular. While there are thousands of Android racing games being made every year, we managed to pick out the absolute best collection for you.


Real Racing 3

1.    Asphalt 8: Airborne

Since years, Asphalt has been among top racing game series and it never fails to amaze. The eye-catching graphics, game modes, multiplayer feature where multiple players can play the game together and a lot more reasons why this is on the top of the list.

2.    Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed is the most successful video game franchise till date. Being in the market since 1994, they come up with something little extra special in every new edition and the same can be said about No Limits Edition. The game is free to download but there are in-app purchases in the game. Consisting of 900 race events, 100 levels, and 38 race tracks and over 30 expensive cars, this game has made its presence felt.

3.    Riptide GP 2

A new game by the name of Riptide GP created quite a buzz in the market a while ago and now Vector Unit have come up with its sequel which is even better. There is an in-game option of changing the controls according to your choosing. As you keep playing, you can unlock cool tricks by completing the tasks in between. The game is NOT free but absolutely worth the money.

4.    Real Racing 3

The developers of this game – Electronic Arts are disliked by many users worldwide but the release of this game has surely changed the opinion of many.Real Racing 3 includes many event types which include drag and cup races, sprints, drag races, eliminations, and speed challenges. There are many tracks such as Circuit de Catalunya, Mazda Raceway, Suzuka Circuit, etc.

5.    Drag Racing

Now, before you complain or question about is graphics, yes, we agree they are not that good but mechanism is really good. You can have total control over your car; it’s tuning, power, grip, nitrous and many other things.

6.    Traffic Racer

A simple yet an attractive racing game with no disturbance of police and traffic lights. Only the above line is enough to make you download this but wait, there’s more. The roads are filled with other cars and you have to make your way through. You will gain points for doing various easy tasks which will help you later.

7.    Nitro Nation Racing

You will be surprised by this but Nitro Nation comes from the same developer as of Drag Racing. This game came into makers’ mind after the complaints regarding the average visual display of Drag Racing. The 3D graphics of this game are enough to outlast many other games. Nitro Nation not only includes single but also Multiplayer mode where you can get teams and have leaderboard featuring the users’ rankings.

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